2023 Calendar

My 2023 Dylan Metrano Papercutting calendar is now available.



Flag design

I designed a flag for SPACE Gallery in Portland. “ONSTAGE/OFFSTAGE”. This flag celebrates the ecstasy of ONSTAGE and the quiet familiarity of OFFSTAGE. The couch and posters are a tribute to SPACE’s quiet and humble greenroom, steeped in musical history. The flag accompanies a terrific exhibition at Space featuring twenty years of concert posters. Photos by Carolyn Wachnicki.

Monhegan Island Posters book

This book collects posters made for concerts, fundraisers, dances, and other events on Monhegan Island, Maine between 2010 and 2019. The artwork was created by papercutting artist Dylan Metrano. Metrano spent those years working seasonally on the island, and had a hand in producing many of these events. This collection offers a look at the unique cultural history of this tiny island, ten miles off the coast of Maine through the eyes of a distinctive artist.
$20.00 Order

I’ll have ten or so papercuttings in this fun show (over 700 works overall!), available for deeply discounted prices! You can shop online or in person. Details at 3sarts.org. Check it out!

Three Plays artwork

I did papercuttings for the cover and interior of this new book of plays by Gregory S. Moss.

Three dark comedies by award-winning playwright Gregory S Moss.

sixsixsix is a “wickedly cunning take on Faust” (Flavorpill), a metaphysical revenge tragedy about the daughter of a renowned scientist seeking to punish her famous father for her mother’s death.

House of Gold is a surreal investigation of the notorious murder of an American beauty queen. “Over the top and yet heartbreakingly real… a creepy and surprisingly profound play” (L.A. Times).
Billy Witch is a dark comedy about the 1980s, summer camp, haunted cabins and animal instincts. “Half Wet Hot American Summer and half Hedwig and the Angry Inch” (Wilmington Star), Billy Witch “takes the familiar ingredients of high school horror – summer camp, a lake, ghost stories – and hurls them into a whirlwind of comic sexual awakening” (The New York Times).
This edition includes original papercut illustrations by Dylan Metrano.

For more on Gregory S. Moss, see https://gregorymoss.com/

Order HERE.

Monhegan Birds with Asher Briant

I’ve got a show happening at Ocean House Gallery in Cape Elizabeth, ME with the amazing Asher Briant.

You are able to make an appointment to see the work in person, or you can see and purchase work online at https://www.oceanhousegallery.com/.

We did a virtual art opening, discussion, and Q+A on May 15th. Asher and I both talked about our influences and techniques. It was lots of fun. If you missed it, you can watch it in the series of YouTube videos below.

part 1 of 5
part 2 of 5
part 3 of 5
part 4 of 5
part 5 of 5

Winter Wren Time-Lapse

Here’s a quick video for you. It’s a time-lapse video of me making a Winter Wren papercutting in my studio on Monhegan. The day before, Mandy and I walked in the woods, and she recorded the birdsongs I use in the video.

Bird Sale & Seacoast Musician Fundraiser

This is a strange, scary, and trying time, with most of us huddled up in our homes for who knows how long? I sincerely hope that you are taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. It’s been comforting for me to be able to talk with friends from afar, and check in with people. If anyone would like to talk, please drop me a line, and I am happy to talk about anything.

While I’ve been mostly indoors, I do have a window out onto the world. Spring has arrived, and with it, the birds are returning to Monhegan. Mandy reminds me that nature persists, and the cycle continues. While I know that we all have work to do and important sacrifices to make, it’s somehow reassuring to see our yard fill with grackles, red winged blackbirds, and other harbingers of spring.

To mark the occasion, I’m doing an online sale of this series of papercut birds which I’ve made over the last couple years. They are all made of cut and layered colored paper, and mounted on thin balsa wood with a little wire on the back to hang them with. I love these little guys.

I’m selling them for $125 each, and I’m donating $25 from each sale to the Seacoast Relief Fund for Musicians. This fund is specifically designated for musicians in the greater Portsmouth, NH area who have lost gigs, lost income, and lost opportunities, many of which will never be regained. This community has been my musical home for decades, and this is just a small way I can try to help out those in the community in need.

According to the Fund, “We will start with those in most critical need first.  This fund will serve first those households that already exist at or below 150% of the 2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines.  If funds allow, we will increase this to allow funds to be released to those households at or below 200% of FPG, and so on.”

The birds available are in the three pictures above. (click on them to make them bigger on your screen) If you would like to purchase one or more, please send me an email at dylanmetrano@gmail.com, let me know which one you are interested in, and your mailing address. These are all one-of-a-kind, and first-come, first-served. I’ll write back to you with details on how to pay, and I’ll carefully ship it right out to you.

Thanks for checking this out, and stay healthy.